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We educate you perfectly

Our Features

Quick License

Our school also provides a range of additional licensing services for our students' driving convenience. 

Video Classes

All our students have access to our video classes and video materials

Unlimited Car Support

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Experience Instructors

Safe Drive is a team of highly experienced instructors who will be glad to teach and help you or answer your questions about driving.

Any Time Any Place

Now is the perfect time to start your In Class, Online or Behind The Wheel Training.

Learning Roads

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What people say about Us

Beginner Driver Education Course (BDE) Course

  • Personalized lessons (one on one)

  • Safe Drive Ontario online e-Learning program brings defensive driver trianing right in your home!

  • Appointments for your driving test and vehicles available

  • Full courses approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

Safe Drive Ontario Driving School is licenced by the Ministry of Transportation and offers a full course approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. We are not only to prepared you for your Road Test with the Ministry Of Transportation, we will also prepare you for a safe and defensive driving.


Best Rated Driving School In Peterborough and Ottawa


Ensuring your safety is our priority; all our vehicles are equipped with a dual braking system. Moreover, we provide comprehensive commercial driving school insurance for all our cars, offering you protection in the event of any unforeseen collisions.

Our instruction caters to G1 drivers, with lessons conducted in our downtown Peterborough driving school, featuring cars with Automatic Transmission. For G2 and G Training in Peterborough, you have the flexibility to choose between instruction in our vehicles or yours, all at the same price.

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