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Safe Drive Ontario Policies

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise whereby a student may want to re-schedule or cancel a BDE course. Our refund policy is as follows:

Once the theory portion has started, the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due in order to begin the in-vehicle portion. Once the full course has been paid, if the in-vehicle portion is incomplete, the refund will be pro-rated subject to the discretion of Safe Drive Ontario. After the one-year commencement date all monies paid will be nonrefundable and the remaining service commitments by Safe Drive Ontario will be forfeited.


Refund Exception with a Transaction Fee

In the event, customers have paid Safe drive Ontario for services and would like to receive a refund before the commencement of the course or driving lessons the fees will be refunded upon request in 3-10 business days in the same payment form it was made out to. All payments paid through the use of a terminal are subject to a transaction fee of 3% which is applied to all terminal transactions to cover charges incurred.

Safe Drive Ontario reserves the right to postpone or cancel any BDE course. Should Safe Drive Ontario cancel a course, students are entitled to a full refund or enrolment in a future course.

In-class Theory Training Refunds

If a theory portion of the in-class training is missed, it must be made up during a future course. Students will be given a schedule of next available classes offered for any class they missed. There is no charge for any missed classes but certification by the MTO for insurance discounts requires successful completion of all classroom and in-car requirements within one year of commencement.

In-car Lesson Refunds

Pickup and drop off are from home address, work or school place. It is at Safe Drive Ontario discretion to offer this additional service free of charge, and will be relayed in advance.

1. Student Cancellations

On‐the‐road lessons are scheduled between the student and the driving instructor. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to the in-car instructor, NOT the office. The instructor’s contact information will be provided to student. A driving cancellation notice not given within the 24 hour period will result in a late cancellation/no show fee as outlined below:

  • Late cancellation fee: $50.00/per scheduled hour

  • No-show fee: $50.00/per scheduled hour

  • Proceeding lesson will not be booked until such missed lessons are paid in full.

Note: All fees must be paid in full before Safe Drive Ontario can resume in-car lessons.

2. Instructor Cancellations

Safe Drive Ontario reserves the right to cancel an in-vehicle lesson. Your instructor may cancel or re-schedule your on-road session due to illness, personal emergency, weather or road conditions, unexpected mechanical issues with the vehicle or being delayed by Road Test at the Drive Test Center. In the event that Safe Drive Ontario needs to cancel an in-vehicle lesson, your driving instructor will contact you directly. You will not be charged a fee.

Drive Test Center Cancellation and Services Fee

3. Completion of BDE course within one year

You must finish the entire driving school in 1 (one) year from the day you start the in class training , otherwise you will lose the entire fee and you will not be certified according to the MTO rules.  

4- Divers

Drive Tests take place year-round. They are sometimes affected by weather, power outages, emergencies, and traffic issues. A service disruption may cause you to miss or arrive late for your exam. Drive Test Center may also cancel your road test when you are waiting for your road exam with your in-car instructor. In this situation, Safe Drive Ontario reserves the right to refuse a refund for the unused service. If you choose to rebook the road test with your In-Car instructor and use the vehicle for the rescheduled road test by Drive Test Centre you will be required to pay a Re-Attempt Road Test Service Fee. Safe Drive Ontario Regrets any financial inconvenience this may cause, but Safe Drive Ontario will not be held responsible for this loss of delivered service.

Drive Test Centre/MTO Driver Examination Booking Fee

All fees involved with obtaining your G1, G2, and G license, are not included in Safe Drive Ontario packages and are at your expense.


If you purchased any package, you must use your package within one year. After one year, your package expires, and Safe Drive Ontario is not responsible for providing this service or a refund.

Beginner Driver Education Course Certification

Safe Drive Ontario is a Ministry Approved BDE Program and successful graduates will be certified online with the Ministry of Transportation Driver Education System at no additional cost.

Safe Drive Ontario reserves the right to not certify a student if the student does not successfully complete the BDE Program within the Ministry of Transportation’s mandates.

Certification is dependent upon your full attendance and successful completion of all BDE Course components. In order to be certified, you must complete the full program within one year. This includes 20 hours of In-Class (or online) theory training (pass the In-Class tests (or online tests) with a minimum average score of 75%), 10 hours home-link (with a minimum score of 75%), and the 10 hours In-car training (with a minimum final score of 75%.).

One Year Expiry Date

Failure to successfully complete Safe Drive Ontario’s BDE program within the one year start date will result in forfeiture of the BDE Program. Students are always advised in office, by in-class instructors and their driving instructors of the one year expiry date and to make the Beginner Driver Education Course and In-Vehicle Driving Lessons their priority. Due to a limited number of available In-Car Instructors, Safe Drive Ontario is not responsible for accommodating students contacting with few days remaining before their expiry date.

You are advised to notify your insurance company of course completion by providing the insurance company with a Driver’s License History (DLH) which is proof of successful course completion. Safe Drive Ontario does not issue paper certificates.

If you want proof of course completion for possible insurance discounts Safe Drive Ontario must certify you online with the Ministry of Transportation Driver Education System. You will need to obtain a Driver’s License History (DLH). This is done in-person at a Driver and Vehicle Issuing Office or Service Ontario. The DLH search can only be requested by the driver’s license holder, as it contains personal address information. For further information regarding DLH, you may contact Service Ontario at 1-800-387-3445. Before you visit Service Ontario, please contact the school to confirm your certification status. Safe Drive Ontario is not responsible for the $15 printing fee that Service Ontario charges to issue the document.

Safe Drive Ontario is a Ministry of Transportation – approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider and is recognized by the Insurance Industry, however, the Driver’s License History does not guarantee a discount for insurance purposes. The final decision of a discount is up to the insurance company.


Contact Information

Questions about the Return Policy should be sent to us at

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